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Forest Explorers offer small group tours embracing connections with Murals, Wildflowers and Heritage Trails.

Local guide Alison Melvin lives a rural lifestyle bordered by the Wellington National Park, and her passion for nature has inspired Alison to share her extensive knowledge with others.

Wildflower Tours range from one and a half hours to 5 hours. The one-and-a-half-hour tour follows iconic local trails bursting with southwest color. The five-hour Wellington Wander views the awe-inspiring new Wellington Dam 8000sqm Mural within the beautiful Wellington National Park.

The Collie Town Mural Tour features more than 30 murals in an outdoor gallery, exploring the streets and alleys of Collie. An impressive outdoor art gallery showcasing Environment, Indigenous and Heritage by Western Australian artists.

The third tour offered is along the newly refurbished Throssell Street precinct. These grand buildings are full of historic character, and stories of the past and present. Taking in the historic collection at the Cycle Museum, Hotel interior architecture and murals. Concluding in a delicious Devonshire tea at the Colliefields Hotel.

Alison’s accredited comfortable four-wheel drive offers a trail transfer for the Bibbulmun Track, WiilmanBilya, Munda Biddi Trail and Collie Darkan Rail Trail in a safe and professional way.

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From $25 to $300

With a heart brimming with a profound love for nature, Alison finds herself driven to impart her vast reservoir of knowledge to kindred spirits. The allure of the wild is something she can’t help but share.

Embarking on the Wildflower Tours (September to October), ranging from 1.5 to 5 hours, is an odyssey into the embrace of the untamed. Within these spans of time, you can delve into the secrets of the Jarrah forest’s flora and fauna, a realm both precious and unparalleled.

The 1.5-hour journey traces the pathways adorned with the vibrant tapestry of Southwest hues. In stark contrast, the epic Wellington Wander spanning five hours promises the revelation of the colossal Wellington Dam Big Mural, nestled in the exquisite Wellington National Park.

In the company of Trails WA or the Bibbulmun Track, the expedition unveils an assortment of flora, exclusive to the Collie River Valley. And then, there are more chapters to explore—Collie’s Mural Trails, an alfresco art gallery, and the Heritage Tour in the enchanting Throssell Street precinct. Each venture is a chance to etch the heart with nature’s splendor and human history’s resonance.

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From $80 to $140

Embark on intimate journeys that weave together Wildflowers, Murals, and Heritage Trails. In the company of local guide Alison, the heart behind Forest Explorers, you will explore the valley’s treasures—the majestic Jarrah Forest giants, the ethereal allure of the Wandoo Woodlands, and beyond.

With Alison by your side, every step is a lesson. A guardian of knowledge, she treads the trails daily, unearthing, safeguarding, and chronicling the wonders of Fungi families, native Wildflowers, plant pollinators, and landscapes that sing of geology and cultural heritage.

The tour commences at the renowned Honeymoon Pool Main Carpark, nestled beneath the gracious canopy of Peppermint trees, for the Jabitj Trail Wildflower Walk within Wellington National Park.

As you venture through this landscape, threads of stories unravel—tales of nature’s symphony, cultural echoes, and landscapes woven in harmony along the Collie River Valley. Alison’s expertise is a bridge, connecting you to a world where every step is a journey of shared understanding and awe-inspiring exploration.

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