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The World War II Sites in Merredin provide a fascinating insight into the role the Central Wheatbelt played in Australia’s preparation for World War II. Visit the old hangars and the Officer’s mess which together tell an interesting part of the town’s history.

Military history enthusiasts will be captivated by the RAAF No 10 Store Depot which comprises of igloo-shaped tin hangars. They were originally built in 1943 to store American aircraft for the war. From the sky, the hangars were camouflaged to look like a salt lake.

Take a drive to the High Frequency Direction Finding Installation, also known as the Radar Hut. It was built to give advance warning of an impending invasion. Whilst it is on what is now private property, it can be seen from the Merredin-Chandler Road.

Grab a copy of the Merredin brochure and follow the Military Site Drive Trail taking in the sites around Merredin, approximately 90 kilometres return.

The country town of Merredin is a three hour drive north east of Perth. A visit to the Australian General Army Hospital and the nearby Military Museum will complete your World War II tour of Merredin.


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World War II Sites – Merredin


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