Mulka’s Cave

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Mulka’s Cave is located within the vicinity of Wave Rock in Hyden Western Australia. The name Mulka comes from an Aboriginal legend associated with the cave. Mulka was the illegal son of woman who fell in love with a man with whom marriage was forbidden according to their law.

It is believed that a result of breaking these rules, she bore a son with crossed eyes. Even though he grew to be an outstandingly strong man of colossal height, his crossed eyes prevented him from aiming a spear accurately and becoming a successful hunter.

Out of frustration it is said Mulka turned to catching and eating human children and he became the terror of the district. He lived in Mulka’s Cave, where the imprints of his hands can still be seen, much larger and higher than that of an ordinary man.

Mulka’s Cave is located 18 kilometres north of Wave Rock off Lovering Road.


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