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Share Bus is a shared rental of a minibus and trailer with camping equipment. We help backpackers do road trips in Australia.

The start and end date are fixed but everything else is 100% flexible as its a rental. We give each group a recommended itinerary to help them plan their trip, which includes multiple recommended options for activities and campsites at each destination along the route.

It is completely self-guided by the backpackers on the trip. So you share camping, cooking, driving, set-up etc. It is actually a really beautiful experience. The trailer is organised in an awesome way to find everything, and we are available to give advice.


We include almost everything you could need for a camping road trip (i.e. fuel, national park entry, tolls, all equipment, insurances/roadside assistance, consumables like cleaning stuff/sunscreen, camping equipment like tents, mattresses, pillows, lanterns, tables, benches, games, snorkels, inverter for electricity, gas cooker, grill, etc – lots of stuff).



Camping Snorkelling Swimming Walk Wine tasting




Australian Tourism Accreditation


From AU$335.00

Price depends on which trip you want to do (as length and distance varies)

Our most popular trips in Western Australia are:

South West Loop: $486 (10 days travelling around the South West, as far east as Esperance and then back to Perth via Wave Rock)

Perth to Broome: $895 (21 days travelling from Perth to Broome, seeing all the sights along the coast as well as detouring inland to Karijini)

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