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NoTraces runs off-track bushwalking tours in the Carr Boyd Ranges, Drysdale River and Purnululu National Park.

Go where others do not go. NoTraces run tours all year round. You can choose from a short six-day walk through to an extensive exploratory three-week walk.

The six day tour allows those who have a short time to enjoy the landscapes and natural pools of Purnululu National Park in peace. It is also a great introduction for those who want to experience off-track bushwalking in Northern Australia. Go where others don’t and discover little-known cultural sites and natural pools.

The three-week tour will lead you to the less travelled parts of Purnululu National Park through the “5 Fingers”. Explore an untouched world of creeks, swimming holes, cascades and gorges of the Southern and Northern Carr Boyd Ranges. Camp under the stars beside the waterfalls or in the savannah.

“Bush swimming” is rambling by swimming instead of walking. It is fun and it opens your mind to explore the country from a different perspective.

You will be provided with the right equipment to keep your pack dry and along the way you will have the chance to view Aboriginal art sites.


Purnululu was only known to the Aboriginal people and a few adventurers. Listed as a World Heritage site since 2003, Purnululu still remains a mythical and very isolated world of breathtaking natural beauty.

Explore beyond Cathedral Gorge, beyond the famous domes, beyond Piccaninny Gorge, beyond the tourist routes to the heart of the park where only the adventurous trekkers journey. Purnululu was carved by 400 million years of erosion. Five small gorges are hidden, snuggled up in lost times which are the 5 Fingers. Discover the “5 Fingers”, the five small gorges each of which are distinctly different.

Be ready to be dwarfed by towering cliffs, to squeeze through spaces just wide enough to pass, to view the amazing light and observe the orange red rock transform to pink as it is touched by daylight. Feel the cooling air in the shadows of the landscape and evolve as you experience a world of incredible dimensions.

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