Besk is a bar, kitchen and bottleshop, offering a rotating and considered selection of beers, wine and spirits and seasonal menus.

They are influenced by their love of great local dining and drinking establishments from around the world. The establishment is named after the old danish term Besk, describing a type of flavour profile and highlighting their commitment towards ingredients (and community experiences) free of unnecessary pretension.

They love that anyone can pull up a stool and strike up a conversation or read the newspaper over a pint. A place that’s comfortable, welcoming, relaxed, yet always moving and not afraid to combine the new with the old. That’s Besk.

You won’t find any tomatoes in winter or celeriac in summer, the menu is focused on seasonality and availability, highlighting the finest ingredients from their favourite farmers and producers. Taps and shelves constantly alternate depending on their moods.

That’s just the way they think a good local should be.

The WA Good Food Guide is a celebration of all that is excellent in the Western Australian dining scene across all areas of cooking, entrepreneurship, wine, beer and service and this is what they have to say about Besk, part of The Top 100 list – “Call it reinvention or evolution, but Besk could just be the blueprint for the modern Australian pub.”

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