Angel Falls Grill

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For a modern and unique take on Venezuelan food, Angel Falls Grill is the place to be. On their irresistible menu, you’ll find some of the best smoked, grilled and juicy steaks in Perth, alongside their signature chorizo, unique sauces and typical Venezuelan corn products and sides. Whether you’re already a lover of South American food, or you’ve never experienced all the delectable flavours this cuisine has to offer, their friendly team will ensure you’re satisfied.

The dishes they bring to your table at their Venezuelan restaurant are all based on old family recipes using corn as a base, so they are naturally gluten free. They apply the best traditional Venezuelan cooking techniques and only use the finest ingredients. Their team can cater to everyone with creative and flexible food options available.

When it comes to steak, they know you’re not just looking for good steak, you’re looking for the best. As the only Venezuelan restaurant and steakhouse in Perth, why not visit their grill restaurant and experience everything South American food has to offer.

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