Hifumiya Udon Noodle House

Restaurant and Cafe

Hifumiya is originated from Kurashiki, Okayama in Japan, the birthplace of “Bukkake” style udon noodle.

Their mission is to spread the beloved gastronomic culture of udon – casual, simple, fresh, healthy and community-based hospitality – to the local community they serve. You will find the udon culture in every aspect of their shop, from the natural based interior, family-size wide shareable table, to the warm greetings from their staff and the hearty bowl they serve. They believe udon is more than just a food, it’s a way of life.

They source their main ingredients locally in Western Australia. Hifumiya make udon noodle freshly in‐house using a specialized udon noodle making machine imported from Japan. With this machine, they are able to precisely make the noodle with Koshi ‐ the perfect balance of softness and chewiness ‐ that is based on the established manufacturing technique. The quality of the noodle is guaranteed.

Experience the genuine “Sanuki” udon noodle at Hifumiya!

The WA Good Food Guide is a celebration of all that is excellent in the Western Australian dining scene across all areas of cooking, entrepreneurship, wine, beer and service and this is what they have to say about Hifumiya Udon Noodle House, part of The Top 100 list – “A hidden noodle house that specialises in handmade udon with spring, bounce and loads of flavour.”

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