Dumbleyung is a town 267 kilometres southeast of Perth in the Western Australian wheatbelt.

The areas main attraction is Lake Dumbleyung, the largest semi-permanent natural stretch of inland water in Western Australia. Approximately 13 kilometres long and six and a half kilometres wide, it covers an area of 5,200 hectares. It is also a sanctuary for birdlife and extremely popular for water sports and picnics. Despite the extreme salinity recorded, the lake continues to provide a habitat for many varieties of water birds.

Lake Dumbleyung received world recognition when Donald Campbell broke the world water speed record on 31 December 1964 travelling at 276.3 miles per hour (442.08 kilometres) in his boat ‘Bluebird’. A unique granite memorial to Donald Campbell can be seen at Pussy Cat Hill, a prominent feature and vantage point to view the entire lake area.

The Wheatbelt Wildflower Drive begins at the town of Kukerin situated 39 kilometres east of Dumbleyung.