Leaning Tree Lagoon Nature Park

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Leaning Tree Lagoon is a quiet, scenic lagoon that is popular with locals for a picnic or to watch the large populations of resident waterbirds. The Leaning Tree Lagoon Nature Park is located 90 kilometres east of Darwin, via the Arnhem Highway.

Gaze out over the lagoons’ calm waters, where you may see Green Pygmy Goose that inhabit this area in great numbers, along with many other species of unique native wildlife.

The large, natural lagoon connects with other waterways in the Adelaide River floodplain during the wet season. During the dry season it is cut off from these waterways and becomes concentrated with wetland fauna. When you visit the lagoon it is important to remember that crocodiles are present, as the Adelaide River Coastal Floodplain is estimated to contain one of the highest population density of saltwater crocodiles on earth.

Accordingly, Leaning Tree Lagoon is closed to the public after periods of heavy rain.




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