Magnetic Termite Mounds

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One of Litchfield National Park’s most impressive sights is the hundreds of termite mounds standing up to two metres high in a wide swathe of empty ground. Up to 100 years old, these structures are unique to the northern parts of Australia and Litchfield National Park, 120 kilometres south of Darwin.

Stroll through the area and marvel at what are enormous magnetic compasses, with their thin edges pointing north-south and broad backs east-west. This aspect minimises their exposure to the sun, keeping the mounds cool for the magnetic termites inside. Learn about the large cathedral termite mound nearby at an information shelter that provides a fascinating insight into these remarkable creatures and their habitat.

About 17 kilometres from the eastern boundary of the Park you’ll come to the first major group. A viewing area with accessible boardwalks has been constructed just off Litchfield Park Road in the northern area of the Park. Follow them to get close to the two metre-high, thin Magnetic Termite Mounds, and giant taller four metre high Cathedral Termite Mounds. You will see numerous termite mounds as you explore the NT, but Litchfield National Park is a perfect place to see both specimens.


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