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Mulga Camp is located along Section 2 of the Larapinta Trail, a 231 kilometre walking trail that follows the rocky spine of the West MacDonnell Ranges from Alice Springs west to Mt Sonder. Mulga Camp is a good place to take a break or pitch a tent and stay the night. Multi-day walker fees and camping fees apply. Multi-day trail use and campsites must be booked online before you arrive.

Mulga Camp is located about 13 kilometres West of Simpsons Gap, and is only accessible on foot. About one kilometre before you walk into Mulga Camp, the trail passes a low rise where small dykes of whitish pegmatite outcrop from the brown schist. The camp is located on an alluvial creek flat and gets its name from the grove of tall mulga trees that shade the site. Further along the trail, west of Mulga Camp, you will cross a ridgeline with spectacular panoramic views of Mount Lloyd.


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