Underwater Marine Sculptures

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In an Australian and Great Barrier Reef first, avid snorkellers and divers are being treated to an underwater wonderland with the installation of underwater art in The Whitsundays Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. The underwater sculptures provide a new experience for travellers and marine enthusiasts.

These unique artworks have been installed at various popular sites around The Whitsundays and not only provide amazing scenery for guests to enjoy, they act as a new base for coral growth and animal shelter.

Visitors can explore six ‘Ngaro underwater marine sculpture trail’: Maori Wrasse (Blue Pearl Bay, Hayman Island), Anthozoa (Langford Reef), Migration of the Mantas (Manta Ray Bay, Hook Island), Turtle Dream (Langford Reef), Manta Ray (Manta Ray Bay, Hook Island), Bywa (Horseshoe Bay, Bowen)

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Diver swimming next to the big Maori Wrasse underwater sculpture

Underwater Marine Sculptures

Whitsundays, Whitsunday

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