Bladensburg National Park

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Bladensburg National Park features Mitchell Grass Downs and Channel Country, including unique birdlife, plants and animals. It is home to a wonderful variety of wildlife, including tiny mammals called dunnarts.

Impressive flat-topped plateaus and residual sandstone ranges provide a scenic backdrop to vast grassland plains and river flats, river red gums and rocky scarp.

The park is of cultural importance to the Koa people, the Traditional Owners of the area, and also contains reminders of the area’s pastoral history. At the original homestead complex, learn about the early days of station life and the park’s plants and animals. Camp at Bough Shed Waterhole beside Surprise Creek, and enjoy spotting prolific birdlife. Camping fees apply.

Visit Scrammy Gorge for impressive views. Take the Route of the River Gums drive and visit the stony Top Crossing, once used by horse-drawn wagons. The night skies are amazing so make sure you spend time stargazing!


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Bladensburg National Park

Bladensburg National Park


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