Magnetic Hill

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Located 7kms from Black Rock, Magnetic Hill is famous for its ability to make vehicles feel as though they are rolling uphill.
Here are three easy tips on how to experience this strange phenomenon:
1) Turn of the engine
2) Put your car into neutral
3) Let go of the brakes and enjoy!



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This is the giant Gum Tree

Giant Gum Tree

Orroroo, Orroroo/Carrieton

Where you park your car for the phenomena to happen

Magnetic Hill

Orroroo, Orroroo/Carrieton

The Red Bridge

Red Bridge

Orroroo, Orroroo/Carrieton

the front view of the cottage

Early Settlers Cottage (Solly’s Hut)

Orroroo, Orroroo/Carrieton

the memorial at Walloway telling people about the crash

Walloway Train Memorial

Orroroo, Orroroo/Carrieton

Information fo the Carvings

Aboriginal Carvings

Orroroo, Orroroo/Carrieton

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