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Streaky Bay

Things To Do
Sunset at Murphy

Murphy’s Haystacks

Natural Attractions

Distance from: 22.1 kms | Price from: $2.00

Take a walk through the amazing rock formation known as Murphy's HaystacksA popular privately owned tourist attraction with privately maintained...

Baird Bay

Baird Bay Experience

Adventure and Outdoors Tours Cruises, Sailing and Water Tours Half Day or Less Nature and wildlife

Distance from: 17.9 kms | Price from: Not Available

Baird Bay Experience offers the opportunity to swim with both bottlenose dolphins and Australian sea lions on the one tour.Jump...

Venus Bay Conservation Park

Venus Bay Conservation Park

National Parks and Reserves Natural Attractions Parks and Gardens

Distance from: 4.6 kms | Price from: Free

Venus Bay Conservation Park comprises Weyland Peninsula and seven islands, and plays an important role in the recovery and reintroduction...