Venus Bay Conservation Park

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Venus Bay Conservation Park comprises Weyland Peninsula and seven islands, and plays an important role in the recovery and reintroduction of rare and endangered plants and animals.

Among the rugged cliffs, swamps, mangrove flats, sandy beaches, and an island tombolo (an island that rises above the water level but is tied to the mainland by a sand bar), there are perfect opportunities to watch more than 100 bird species while you are exploring the park.

Go fishing or swimming along the sandy beaches or bring your binoculars to spot some of the park’s coastal shorebirds or birds of prey. Further inland you may be lucky enough to see birdlife such as peregrine falcons, sea eagles, rock parrots and a variety of honeyeaters.

The threatened brush-tailed bettong and bilby have been reintroduced into this park.




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Venus Bay Conservation Park

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