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Eyeless, he gazes over the waters of York Cove.
Whether neap or spring, the changing tides do not bother him.
His hollow metal head resounds with neither hopes nor dreams.
Silently watching …

Meanwhile, back in reality, the Steel Seal sculpture, a reminder of the occasional organic visitor these waterways, is another work by artist Michael Gethin of Gravelly Beach Metalworks.


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A sculpture of a seal in welded metal polygons

Steel Seal

George Town

George Town MTB Trails

George Town MTB Trails

George Town

In 1798, George Bass and Matthew Flinders sailed the sloop Norfolk from Sydney to solve a riddle ?

Bass & Flinders Maritime Museum

George Town

One view of the Water Tank Mural

George Town Water Tower Mural

George Town

Sculptured Gallery

Clarence Point, West Tamar

Two adult penguins feeding two baby penguins

Low Head Penguin Tours

Low Head, George Town

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