Former HMAS Perth Dive Wreck

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For the diving enthusiast, a trip to King George Sound to explore the former HMAS Perth Dive Wreck is a must.

Laid to rest off the coast of Albany in 2001, the shipwreck is already home to many species of fish and marine life. Recreational divers can follow the interpretive trail around the 133-metre-long artificial dive reef to discover more about the ship’s historic past. See where the ship came under fire during the Vietnam War with remnant shellfire still visible.

Plaques have been placed near habitats of plant and marine life so you can learn about the fascinating ecosystem that has developed since the ship’s sinking. Divers will be provided with a map of the wreck and a suggested path to follow. However, it is up to you how you choose to investigate the HMAS Perth. Swimmers and snorkelers are also able to explore the wreck from the surface.

King George Sound is often visited by the Humpback whales during their migration, so keep an eye out while diving, or snorkelling for these fascinating mammals.

King George Sound is off the coast of Albany, 4.5 hours south of Perth.




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HMAS Perth, Albany, Western Australia

Former HMAS Perth Dive Wreck


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