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The Council Office Mosaic in Merredin is a beautiful mosaic artwork which was designed by local artist Ann Sutherland. The design was selected to represent the Wheatbelt as part of the prominent water feature which is displayed adjacent to the Bell Tower in the centre of Perth.

The Council Office Mosaic sits strikingly amidst a rock garden outside of the council offices in the town of Merredin. It is a unique artistic interpretation of the region and the water trickling across its surface creates a lovely cooling effect. It is a pleasant spot to stop and stretch your legs on arrival in Merredin.

The regional town of Merredin is a three hour drive east of Perth. Whilst in the area take a drive along the Merredin Peak Heritage Trail or stroll along the walk trails. Enjoy the magnificent views of the countryside from the peak, which are made even more spectacular during the wildflower season.


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