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In May 2018, faced with a row of CBH Group silos high above his head, Perth artist Brenton See conquered his fear of heights to paint four huge murals which draw inspiration directly from the flora and fauna of the area.

One features a local resident, the Western Bearded Dragon (Pomona minor minor), namesake of the nearby Dragon Rocks Nature Reserve. Another local, the Red-tailed phascogale (Phascogale calura), a rare marsupial found only in the Wheatbelt, features in another.

On the neighbouring panel, Brenton has painted the profile of a Malleefowl (Leipoa ocellata), the bird symbol of the Wheatbelt and a regular of the Newdegate area. The final panel is an emblematic depiction of the region. It features a shape like a drop of water, half-white, half-teal. The white represents the salt lakes and the teal represents the freshwater lakes and rain. In the background are coloured squares showing how the land appears from above – green for the bushland areas and brown, orange and red for the dirt and rocks.

The mural joins silo artworks in Northam, Merredin, Ravensthorpe, Pingrup and Albany which together form a self-drive trail for tourists and travellers to take through regional Western Australia.




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PUBLIC Silo Newdegate, Western Australia

PUBLIC Silo Trail: Newdegate

Newdegate, Lake Grace

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