Mount Augustus

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Marvel at the world’s largest monocline. Twice the size of Uluru, Mount Augustus rises from the rust red plains of the Golden Outback. Let ancient rock art transport you back in time, and have your camera ready to capture a kaleidoscope of colour come sunrise and sunset.

Dominating the horizon of the northwest Gascoyne-Murchison region, Mount Augustus is 1,000 kilometres – or about a two-day drive – northeast from Perth.

Known as Burringurrah – or ‘Island Mountain’ to the Wadjari people, this ancient rock is believed to date back 1.6 billion years. Visit the sites of Aboriginal communities at Mundee, Ooramboo and Beedoboondu before admiring rock art, engravings and atmospheric caves.

Gaze up at the 750-metre-high landmark before charting around its 49-kilometre scenic base-trail. If you’re feeling energetic, embark on the 12-kilometre ascent to the summit. It’s a strenuous and often steep walk, but you’ll be rewarded with unforgettable views as the blue-green dawn light slowly illuminates the landscape at sunrise.

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Mount Augustus Trail

Mount Augustus – Summit Trail

East Lyons River, Upper Gascoyne

View of calm pool of water surrounded by lush green trees.s

Mount Augustus National Park

East Lyons River, Upper Gascoyne

Goolinee - Cattle Pool, Mt Augustus, Western Australia

Goolinee – Cattle Pool

East Lyons River, Upper Gascoyne

Mount Augustus, East Lyons River, Western Australia

Mount Augustus

East Lyons River, Upper Gascoyne

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