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Tosaka is a small ramen bar in Northbridge serving a speciality of Tori Paitan ramen which has a creamy white chicken broth. Through a long cooking the process the flavoursome rich ‘Umami’ flavour, thickness and colour is created.

For plant-based ramen lovers, Tosaka also have plenty of vegetarian and vegan options available made with a vegetable and soy bean broth. Plus they also have shirataki konjac noodles available – a gluten free and low calorie alternative to regular egg noodles. No matter your dietary preferences, Tosaka has you covered.

They also have an assortment of Japanese beer and sake. They look forward to welcoming you.

The WA Good Food Guide is a celebration of all that is excellent in the Western Australian dining scene across all areas of cooking, entrepreneurship, wine, beer and service and this is what they have to say about Tosaka, part of The Top 100 list – “A William Street ramen landmark doling out bowls of chicken-based tori paitan ramen with addictive length and richness.”

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