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The Puzzle People love puzzles and more!

Situated in the beautiful historic village of Richmond, The Puzzle People specialises in quality puzzles, toys, games, collectables and souvenirs.

The store lovingly blends the passion of puzzling, historical zest, education through toys and games and the more diverse arena of fandom through its three distinctive areas – Puzzler’s Heaven, A Bit Curious and The Pop Culture Room.

Puzzler’s Heaven is uniquely situated in Richmond, like the village, puzzles share a rich history. Here, you’ll find the reason for the store’s name, you can puzzle while you are there, be bedazzled by a large-scale piece puzzle and you can make a purchase of some of the most popular brands including Ravensburger and WASGIJ to name two.

Are you just a little bit curious? If so, welcome! Housing a collection of licensed plush toys, games, models, fidgets, educational products, mind-benders and souvenirs, the middle and largest room promotes stories and mental gymnastics for all!

The Pop Culture room is a love letter for certain fandom. It holds a collection of products to purchase for any aspiring Jedis, Timelords, Wizards, Superheroes, Mad Hatters and Friends… There are a couple of villains in there too

The Puzzle People’s philosophy is based on service, quality and the never-ending need to play why not come along and join in?


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