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Within the lively precinct of Hobart’s midtown, visitors to ‘the maker’ encounter intuitive design, and extraordinary fabrics. Our collection reveals the raw beauty of imperfect, salt-glazed ceramics, lustrous beaten metal, hand-stitched leathers, and poetic Japanese textiles.

‘the maker’ is the exclusive showcase for ambitious clothing line ‘lj struthers’, the Tasmanian label imagined, cut and produced here on the island. Worn and collected internationally, ‘lj struthers’ clothing calls to independently minded humans looking for creative joy and self-expression through dress, with dramatic silhouettes and clever detailing. Seasonal shades, limited edition cuts and unparalleled fabrics mean you’ll never view the same collection twice.

We’re in our element telling the stories of generations of skilled makers; of practised hands shaping traditional materials and adapting new technologies. We delight in the details of construction, the tales of origin and in beauty for its own sake, welcoming every visitor to share in our enjoyment.


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