Alligator / Crocodile Hole

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Alligator Hole is a salt water crocodile habitat where you can see the mighty ‘Salty’ at home in the wild. Witness these fascinating prehistoric creatures basking in the sun along the sand banks or lazing in the cool waters with their head just visible on the water’s surface.

It was officially named back in the early days when the crocodiles in the area were mistaken for alligators. These days the billabong is more commonly known as Crocodile Hole. Whilst the water may look enticing, swimming is strongly discouraged.

Please also note that there is no free camping in the shire of Wyndham and East Kimberley and camping is not recommended in the area.

The track to get out to Crocodile Hole takes you along the Old Halls Creek Road. Originally built by prisoners, this track was used by gold miners in the late 1800s to push their carts to the goldfields.

Crocodile Hole is a 1 hour drive from Kununurra or a 30-minute drive south east of Wyndham. Flights from Perth to Kununurra take 3 hours. Please visit Kununurra Visitor Centre for direction and more information prior to travelling to the area.

A four-wheel drive is required to access The Old Halls Creek Road and definitely, NO SWIMMING!




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